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Vidwath Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd started in 2013 as Secured Solutions by providing end to end IT solutions  identifying the real need for quality content to empower schools and children. Initially we catered our services to various customers in key market verticals like Educational Institutions, Corporate and other Key Govt Establishments. We have dedicated ourselves to cater to the needs of Students and Educational Institutions with the succor of technology and have been providing latest technology and quality content for children as well as the Schools and Institutions. We provide Educational content in media like Tablet PCs / USB drives for the Students and Schools of CBSE, ICSE & State syllabus upto K12 category.

Content developed by Vidwath has contributed majorly in the way children understand the syllabus. Our content emphasizes logical approach towards the syllabus and helps children understand the topics easily. Vidwath content gives a strong platform for teachers to use the latest technology in teaching methods as it reduces the time in preparing the explanation and concentrate more on children’s academical performance.

Vidwath content is been in use with Government schools and it is helping students to be on par with students of private schools in terms of knowledge and academic performance. Vidwath also drives teachers to use the content by training them on hardware and software usage.

In Vidwath we always believe in CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) as we take the feedback from Schools, Teachers and Children quarterly and work towards the feedback to deliver qualitative content which benefits Children in the way they learn. The present method of Digital education will have a bigger impact in children’s academic performance as it strengthens logical approach in them. It also helps the children to learn the latest technology in education field.



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