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Grades 1 - 10th

CBSE - English Medium
Karnataka State Board - English, Kannada and Urdu Mediums
Mathematics | Science | Social Science | Kannada | English | Hindi | Urdu

Grades 11th - 12th

Pre-University Board
English Medium: Science
Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics | Biology | Kannada | English | Hindi

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Syllabus Based Conceptual Learning

Interactive Learning

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Updated Syllabus Content According to New Education Policy

Analytics to Identify Area of Improvements

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Mind Map

Mind map is a flow chart of the explained concepts from the chapter. It acts as a bridge between different concepts of the lesson. It helps both students and teachers to maintain the connectivity between various ideas and facts about the concept.

Lesson Plan

Lesson plan is a guiding tool for teachers to prepare better for their classes and deliver the content more effectively. It gives the teachers enough confidence and makes virtual learning more fruitful.

Digi Books

Digi books are an approach towards the richness of visual content and its impact on learning. It has images, audio, charts, icons, logos, etc to comprehend the lesson in a better way. It makes the concepts easier and clear.

Animated Videos

Animation videos make learning a first-hand experience for students. Instead of merely learning the facts of the syllabus, they tend to learn the concept which deepens the roots of knowledge in them. Fun visuals with interactive videos can enhance the learning of the students.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are the best way to increase the student's engagement in learning. It enhances the comprehension of the concepts and the videos increase students' knowledge retention.

Science Lab

Experiments have created wonders around the globe. So, when students are facilitated with such exciting experiment resources they receive the first-hand experience. This helps them to understand the concepts effectively.

NCERT and DSERT Solutions

NCERT and DSERT are national and state councils which designs textbooks for CBSE and state schools respectively. The solutions to the questions of these textbooks are given by the Vidwath app.

Self Assessment Kit

This assessment kit includes Worksheets and Practice Tests which are additional resources for students. It will help them to check their comprehension of the concepts and improve knowledge.

Quiz Space

The quiz has questions based on the syllabus and other areas that are related to learning. It also offers information on vocabulary, scientists gallery, general awareness, poets gallery, facts, sports, achievers in various fields, idioms, phrases, riddles, quotes of the day, etc.

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Digital learning requires a combination of technology, digital content and instruction which we, at Vidwath, develop with quality and care towards curriculum.

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