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Syllabus software Solution

Syllabus software

Digital learning is more than just providing students with a laptop. Digital learning requires a combination of technology, digital content and instruction which we, at Vidwath, develop with quality and care towards curriculum.

Our Software products include

  • Karnataka State English Medium - Class 1 to Class 10
  • Karnataka State Kannada Medium - Class 1 to Class 10
  • Karnataka State Urdu Medium - Class 1 to Class 10
  • NCERT/CBSE - Class 1 to Class 10

Key Features of Digital Syllabus

Animation Videos
Question Banks
Practies Test

Smart Class Solutions

Vidwath Smart Class Solutions, is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein technology does not replace the teacher but rather empowers them to teach interactively and in turn help the students be inspired to learn with a quest for excellence.

Key Products of Smart Class Solutions

  • Vidwath Touch
  • Virtual Reallity
  • Digital Library
  • Vidwath LITE



Educational institutions around the world are getting introduced to Virtual Reality (VR) application. This application can be organized by the teacher or an adult using a tablet and students can use a headset which is attached to the smartphone and thus engage themselves in a more interactive learning process.

The VR technology should go hand in hand with the content of the prescribed syllabus, to create a widespread usage and reshape the teaching methodologies. VR is just a supplement aid and does not intend to replace the traditional teaching methodologies. Learning becomes more of a real life experience when VR is incorporated into it.

  • Virtual Reality Concepts
  • 360 degree Videos
  • Virtual Reality Interactivity

Outstanding Visualization

Outstanding Visualization

Visualisation enhances imagination, helps in exploring the real life experience with high resolution quality

Create Interest

Create Interest

Whether it is a school or industry, VR makes training more interesting, by increasing the learners’ engagement.

Improved Quality

Improved Quality

The quality of our 360-degree 3D syllabus-based content is better than the current video and animation based teaching tools available in the market.

WIRELESS Digital Library


A futuristic approach

This is the advanced digital version of collection, organization, access, annotation and presentation of books. It lessens the space required to maintain the actual books and the mess that might be caused while doing so. It is a wireless set up and is accessible through all gadgets even without internet and hence avoids disputes for the same reference book by many students. The categories included in wireless digital library are mainly based on different subject domains. It encompasses both learning media and entertainment resources. The key product of Wireless Digital Library is Vidwath FEEL. It is not just a stand alone PC, but has a full interactive tough screen display, with a built-in computer which emits Wi-Fi signals providing digital library for which ever device connected in any library or educational institution.

Vidwath Content Software

E-learning portal

  • We offer you assistance for K-10 from Grade 1-10
  • Vidwath Software functions as a teaching aid for teachers, to enhance the learning process of the students.
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