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- Rohith M Patil, MD & CEO

Message for the youth
Hard work is the only key to success in any profession, be it your own business or in a job. Also make sure that you take up a profession of your choice and interest. Never take up a vocation because someone else forced you to do so.

Vidwath Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd bagged the “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” in the International Achievers Conference as a fastest growing company in the field of Digital Education. The success of this company is because of hard work of all the faculty. Vidwath’s origin goes back to April 2012 when it was founded by Mr. Rohith M Patil who is basically a Graduate in Electronic Engineering from Bengaluru. Also obtaining MBA in Marketing I started my career as a businessman selling the hard wares. Gradually, due to financial crisis I had to quit the business. Then I decided to re-mould myself and get established in the field of Digital Education.
I proceeded to Mysuru having a huge dream in establishing the Digital Education. Maharshi Public school as my first client, welcomed my ideas and provided me an opportunity to jump into my passionate field. It was the milestone in my professional journey and thereafter there was no turning back. Gradually, I got the golden opportunity to install Smart Class in St. Joseph’s institutions, later in Sadvidya Schools and PU Colleges.

I started the company as a single man in a 100 sq. ft. office and now Vidwath Innovative Solution is a huge family of 150 members occupying 7000+ sq. ft. Inspired by the great businessman Mr. Rathan Tata who says “If you want to walk fast walk alone, but if you want to walk far, walk together” I always believe that my success lies in the growth of my Team.
Though Vidwath Innovative Solutions headquarters Mysuru, now has grown to have its Branch Offices in Belgaum, Bellary, Gadag, Bagalkot and Kalaburagi.
Starting from par schools Vidwath has now been catering to over 6.5 lakh students and about 3,500 schools. The journey has been wonderful and it is growing with leaps and bounds. We cater to the needs of students from 1st grade to SSLC in both state and CBSE syllabi.
Vidwath showing excellence as it is working on regional languages unlike all other Digital Education Platforms which usually focus on English language only. We are proud to say that we extend our service in languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam. We have installed smart classes in more than 100 Urdu Schools under the department of Minority Welfare. Establishing collaboration with the Government Vidwath Innovative Solutions emerges as a pioneer in issuing digital content in Urdu language. Thus we support to achieve education to all under Right to Education Act.
My dream is to touch all places where Digital Education is needed with supreme technology available. This inspired to introduce Virtual Reality into schools. Research and Development department is working on their new products like headsets related to Virtual Reality. Vidwath provides advanced technology base on 2D and 3D Animations and Visual -Media Learning, along with recreational activities related to education.

Digital learning is achieved by a combination of technology and the content prescribed by the department of Education. Vidwath develops the instructions with the best quality and care towards curriculum. Employees in different departments work on developing the digital content, designing, preparing animated videos, preparing the questions for question banks, practice tests, etc. We hire M.Sc. graduates to develop the contents and voice over artists for the videos.
Vidwath with its innovative products and solutions like Vidwath FEEL, Vidwath Touch, Vidwath Lite and Vidwan is trying to reach out all most all the schools. Vidwath Innovative Solutions train the teachers to use smart class, virtual reality headsets and the other products. We extend our help to meet technical emergency as well.

Our budding concepts also include Wireless Digital Library powered by Vidwath. It is a collection, organization, access, annotation and preservation of books, audios and videos which can be accessed through all smart gadgets without internet. The resources filled in the Digital Library are customized according to clients’ requirements which can be used for both Education and Entertainment purposes.
Through launching Vidwath branches at Dubai and Saudi Arabia we are willing to make Vidwath an International firm. It was an oasis for Indian students to have smart classrooms and Virtual Reality. But Vidwath opens the door for the students to get the experience of smart classrooms and Virtual Reality. We see the students excelling in learning the difficult concepts easily with digital education.

Vision of Vidwath

  • Digital Education to all irrespective of caste and creed and economically poor class.
  • Bringing top end technology in all regional languages

Mission of Vidwath

  • To work for Social Cause
  • To become the top digital education company


  • we provide more employment opportunities
  • building a strong team
  • catering to schools across India


  • Excellence Award for being Fastest Growing Indian Company at the International Achievers Conference
  • Distinctive Citation-Digital Content of the year at IDA Awards Corporate 2018.